Many motorcyclists currently using expensive sidecars do so for the sake of stability and or extra cargo carrying capacity. Most do not primarily use their sidecar to transport people.

What is SidePack?

SidePack is a removable sidecar designed to provide stability and a large cargo carrying capacity.

SidePack is a great alternative to the motorcyclist desiring stability but not ready for or comfortable with the idea of a trike.

SidePack  provides a large cargo carrying capacity in many cases eliminating the need for a separate trailer.

SidePack is quickly removable allowing the user the option of riding their motorcycle as a standard two wheeled bike when desired.

SidePack’s attaching hardware bolts onto existing locations on the motorcycle frame and does not require any cutting or drilling on the motorcycle plastic body panels.   SidePack does not alter your stock motorcycle.

One of SidePack’s prominent features is its unique stability management system. This system allows users to place precise counterbalance weight in the sidecar at a specific “sweet spot”. This counterbalance weight allows SidePack to handle with much greater stability than a traditional sidecar.

The SidePack cargo pod is constructed of heavy duty fiberglass with a high gloss black gel coat coating. The pod is lockable and empty offers approximately 11 cubic feet of storage space. The pod carries a 150 pound total weight cargo limit.

SidePack offers torsion axle suspension and has several points of adjustability allowing the user to easily align and customize it to their motorcycle and riding preferences.

SidePack is not designed or intended for human or animal transportation

Basic SidePack Information:

Suspension - Single torsion axle

Wheel - 4.80 X 8

Cargo Pod Construction - Fiberglass with gloss black gel coat

Cargo Pod Capacity - Empty Approximately 11 cubic feet

Cargo Pod Max Interior Dimensions - 50 inches long X 30 inches wide X 16 inches tall

Cargo Pod Lid - Hinged on one side.  Opens from edge outside from motorcycle

Cargo Pod Weight Limit - 150 pounds total weight (cargo + stability plates)

Stock Saddle Bag Opening - Allows access to stock saddle bags

Stability System-Located inside cargo pod

    - requires 25 pound standard weight plates not included

    - these plates are inexpensive and can typically be found at many general retail stores, sporting goods stores, etc

    - typical counterbalance load is 25 pounds per 100 pounds of rider weight with a maximum of 4 plates or 100 pounds of counterbalance weight

Adjustability - Wheel Height, Left to Right, Front to Back (allows SidePack to be easily aligned with motorcycle)

Current Available Models -

Harley Davidson ElectraGlide  (Classic, UltraClassic, Road King, Road Glide)

1800 Goldwing, 1500 Goldwing

If your model is not listed, call us for information on adapting SidePack to your specific motorcycle

NOTE: SidePack is not designed for human or pet transportation

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