What advantages does InstaTrike offer over other trike systems?

Priced thousands less, InstaTrike offers all of the advantages and stability of a conventional trike while completely conserving your motorcycle and giving a smooth stable ride.

- Very fast installation and removal for the trike or bike experience


- No modification to stock motorcycle frame or drivetrain

- Completely removable for easier resale of motorcycle

- No loss of ground clearance

- Independent wheel suspension and adjustability

- Flat stable cornering

- Trike stability with much smoother ride

- Full access to stock saddlebags

- Easily installed by the consumer

- Available for over 100 makes and models of motorcycles

- Minimal impact on fuel economy

- Available in standard 8 inch wheel or deluxe 12 Aluminum wheel package

Pricing --- 

Standard 8 inch wheel - $3099 plus s&h

Deluxe 12 inch Aluminum wheel (IT2) - $3799 plus s&h

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Standard 8 Inch wheel


  12 Inch Aluminum Wheel (IT2)